Job Description

The candidate should be able to:

  • Design and develop strategies, eLearning content, and programs that meet the needs of the target audiences through appropriately architected and outcome-focused learning experiences.
  • Drchitect online learning and assessment environment and processes in addition to online learning and assessment content.
  • Evaluate the impact of the strategies, environment, processes, and contents designed by her/him.

Role & Responsibilities
Details of Role & Responsibilities:

Develop world-class eLearning offerings for educational and skill development domains with a clear focus on employability enhancement of learners preferably in digital domains by equipping them with smart skills in creatively using various digital tools and methodologies.

The selected candidate will be required to:

  1. Understand the learners’ needs, industry requirements, business needs and develop courses to help learners meet the standards expected of them in work environments.
  2. Determine the scope of curriculum of eLearning courses in terms of measurable learning outcomes based on the requirements with the help of Subject Matter Experts.
  3. Suggest appropriate instructional strategies including the content forms and factors to ensure desired learning outcomes.
  4. Plan and execute learner engagement and competency assessment strategies to ensure desired learning experience.
  5. Ensure parity of the courses being defined with various national and international standards.
  6. Create prototypes and pilots using tools such as Adobe XD, Figma, PowerPoint, Camtasia etc.
  7. Define standards and envision elements that need to be a part of supporting documentation (stylesheet, wordlist, ground rules, etc.) to ensure consistency across the course.
  8. Participate in client and content development team calls and meetings with a clear agenda and queries to help meet the requirements within deadlines.
  9. Estimate near-accurate project timelines and development efforts.
  10. Ensure quality of content, experience design and overall course experience.
  11. Mentor and manage a team of instructional designers, research assistants, video producers, scriptwriters, voiceover artists, quality assessors, etc. by reviewing their work and providing constructive feedback and guidance.
  12. Collaborate with content development team to meet content production deliverables.
  13. Work closely with SMEs, freelancers, and global industry leaders.
  14. Forge and manage partnerships with eContent Development Organizations and Subject Experts, Industry Practitioners, etc.
  15. Make effective academic presentations for product propagation.
  16. Keep track of emerging market trends and developments in the learning industry and guide the team to adapt from time to time.

Essential Qualifications and Skills
  1. Any Bachelor’s degree
  2. Proficiency in English, Marathi, and Hindi
  3. Proficiency in the smart use of the following content development tools:
    • Articulate Storyline and/or Articulate Studio
    • Adobe e-Learning Suite Programs (Captivate, Photoshop, XD, etc.)
    • MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook), Google Workspace
    • Camtasia, Storyline, Snagit, Figma
    • Exposure to learning technologies and platforms, Learning Management Systems, collaborative learning platforms, etc
  4. Thorough understanding of learning and content design practices and developing and following process-based guidelines in executing projects.
Essential Mindset:
  • Enthusiastic, passionate, patient, hardworking and quick learner
  • Curious about new technologies and their impact on new-age learning and workstyle

Relevant Experience

The candidate should have at least 8+ years of relevant experience in:

  1. Design and development of engaging and effective learning experiences for online education of target audience preferably for employability enhancement in Information Technology (IT) and IT enabled services domains.
  2. Designing eLearning products for youth employability having inform content in multimedia and interactive content, and perform content using IT tools and/or their simulations, etc.
    • Reviewing storyboards and voiceovers, analyzing customer needs, and creating learning solutions, and its implementation in the courses.
    • Writing content that is clear, concise, and grammatically correct by using appropriate standards and writing styles.
    • Designing educational products for catering to varied age groups, keeping the appeal of the content intact.
  3. Collaborating with various stakeholders including subject-matter experts, story board developers, script writers, eContent developers, voice-over artists, quality assessors, etc. to ensure productivity, quality, and affordability along with accuracy and relevance.
  4. Building relationships with all stakeholders to ensure successful implementation of learning initiatives.
  5. Team management.
  6. Managing multiple projects and deadlines.
  7. Conducting product and skills trainings of learning facilitators.
  8. Working on learning experience design with a special focus on learner development-centric and preferably constructivist pedagogy, learners’ requirements elicitation, instructional and informational design, curriculum planning, interaction design; activity design, assessment design.
  9. Documenting requirements and coordination of the work of implementation team members.
  10. Conducting various trainings of trainers in skill development and for propagation of products.
  11. Mentoring; Problem-Solving; Decision-Making, Relationship Management (client, SME, internal stakeholders, content development team, etc.).

Level in MKCL Pay Matrix

Level: 4 or 5

The specific level for the selected candidate shall be decided based on his/her qualifications and relevant experience.

Compensation Package

Range: Rs. 22 to 28 Lacs per annum

(This includes approx. Annual Special Allowance (DA based %) and Organizational Performance Linked Award amounts paid in the financial year 2023-24.).

Exact CTC for the selected candidate shall be computed based on his/her qualifications and relevant experience.

Working Location

MKCL Office at Pune or Navi Mumbai (physically at the workplace)


No. of Positions: 3

Important Dates

Launched on: Thursday, February 15, 2024

Last Date to Apply: Monday, February 26, 2024, by 5 pm